Caroline graduates!

Caroline graduates!

This week we celebrated Dr Caroline Holley's PhD graduation for her thesis titled “The cell biology of pyroptosis“. During her PhD, Dr Holley published two articles as first author in Clinical & Translational Immunology and Immunity, with further articles forthcoming.

Congratulations also to Dr Holley’s co-supervisors and mentors, Prof Kate Schroder, Dr Mercedes Monteleone, Associate Professor Jelena Bezbradica Mirkovic (Inflammasome Lab alumna) and Dr Rebecca Coll (Inflammasome Lab alumna).



1. Celebrating Caro's graduation were Inflammasome Lab members (from left to right) Stefan Emming, Mercedes Monteleone (PhD co-supervisor), Caroline Holley, Amy Chan and Larisa Labzin

2. Kate Schroder, Caroline Holley & Mercedes Monteleone (left to right), celebrating Caroline's thesis acceptance on the IMB rooftop

3. Caroline Holley with celebratory flowers and bubbles

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