Congratulations to Amy Chan and Hana Starobova, co-winners of the WIT Life Sciences Young Achiever award

Congratulations to Inflammasome Lab students, Amy Chan and Hana Starobova, for winning the Women In Technology (WIT) Life Sciences Young Achiever award


Amy and Hana received their awards at Brisbane City Hall on Friday the 30th of August and were in the company of over 150 high achieving women (medical researchers, inventors, scientists, computer engineers, start-up innovators and technologists) nominated in 12 categories. It was a proud moment for the Inflammasome Lab to have two lab members stand out in such an illustrious crowd!


image: Amy Chan (left) and Hana Starobova (right) with WIT awards


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ABOUT Inflammasome Lab

Inflammasome Lab is a group of researchers led by Prof Kate Schroder at the Institute for Molecular Bioscience, The University of Queensland.
We seek to unravel the secrets of inflammasomes – protein complexes at the heart of inflammation and disease – to allow for new therapies to fight human diseases.