Funding for Parkinson's research

"There is mounting evidence that people with Parkinson’s develop brain inflammation, which accompanies the loss of dopamine-producing brain cells seen in the disease. Our aim is to find a medication that will target the immune response that causes inflammation in the brain, to slow down and hopefully halt disease progression. Our hope for the future is to take these drugs into human clinical trials for Parkinson’s treatment, and we are very grateful to The Michael J. Fox and Shake It Up Australia foundations for funding our research," Associate Professor Woodruff said.

Funding for Parkinson's research

A UQ collaboration including Kate Schroder has been awarded a research grant from The Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson's Research. The collaboration includes the teams of five UQ researchers led by Associate Professor Trent Woodruff including Dr Richard Gordon, Professor Matt Cooper, Dr Kate Schroder and Dr Avril Robertson. The $300,000 grant will allow the teams to investigate mechanisms driving brain inflammation in Parkison's Disease. Their research hopes to identify, develop and test new drugs to reduce brain cell death in Parkinson’s disease patients.

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ABOUT Inflammasome Lab

Inflammasome Lab is a group of researchers led by Prof Kate Schroder at the Institute for Molecular Bioscience, The University of Queensland.
We seek to unravel the secrets of inflammasomes – protein complexes at the heart of inflammation and disease – to allow for new therapies to fight human diseases.