Dr Amy Chan


Dr Amy Chan


Postdoctoral Researcher
Inflammasome Lab



After obtaining First Class Honours in 2014 in the Toth lab, Amy completed a year of voluntary research to explore her interests in the field of immunology. Working in collaboration with the Institute for Glycomics at Griffith University, she developed a novel prophylactic vaccine against streptococcus pyogenes. Amy joined the Inflammasome Lab in 2016 for her PhD studies. Her PhD project is unravelling the mysteries of the poorly understood “non-canonical” inflammasome.




Email: amy.chan@imb.uq.edu.au

Office Telephone: +61 7 3346 2071










2017-2020  Young Science Ambassador Award (Wonder of Science)

2019  Life Science Young Achiever Award (Women in Technology)

2018 & 2019  Tutor Excellence Award (UQ)

2018  People's Choice Award for QLD Women In STEM

2016  Australian Postgraduate Award

2014  Dean’s Commendation for Academic Excellence, The University of Queensland




2014  BSc Honours (Biochemistry), Supervisor: Professor Istvan Toth, The University of Queensland

2013  Bachelor of Science, The University of Queensland



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Boucher D, Chan A, Ross C, Schroder K. (2018).
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Chan A, Hussein WM, Ghaffar KA, Marasini N, Mostafa A, Eskandari S, Batzloff MR, Good MF, Skwarczynski M, & Toth I (2016).
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