Mark Milner


Mark Milner



PhD student, Inflammasome Lab




Mark obtained a First-Class Honours degree in Biomedical Science from Trinity College Dublin, Ireland, in 2018. After his Bachelor’s degree, Mark worked as a Research Assistant in Prof. Lynch’s neuroimmunology lab in Trinity College Institute of Neuroscience, where he contributed to projects investigating microglial inflammasome activation, ageing and Alzheimer’s disease. Mark started his PhD studies with the Inflammasome Lab in April 2019, where he is exploring mechanisms of inflammasome-driven pathogenesis in Alzheimer’s disease.


"“To raise new questions, new possibilities, to regard old problems from a new angle, requires creative imagination and marks real advance in science””

Albert Einstein





Office Telephone: +61 7 3346 2351

Lab Telephone: +61 7 3346 2071

Twitter: @MarkMilner96 

Institute for Molecular Bioscience





2018  Top Student Award for Biomedical Sciences, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland.


2018  BSc, Human health and Disease, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland.


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M.Milner (2017).
Targeting the Inflammasome: Can it cure Alzheimer’s disease? Trinity Student Medical Journal Volume 18. October.


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