Tyron Esposito


Tyron Esposito

(he, him)
PhD student
Inflammasome Lab (Labzin Team)



Tyron first joined the Inflammasome lab to complete a research project during the final year of his Bachelor’s degree. He returned to the lab in February of 2021 to commence his Honours project. Tyron is now a PhD student under the supervision of Dr Larisa Labzin, investigating how antibodies change the signalling profile of macrophages in the presence of influenza A virus.


"Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known”

Carl Sagan




Email: t.esposito@uq.net.au

Office Telephone: +61 7 3346 2345







2021 Dean's Commendation for Academic Excellence, The University of Queensland, Australia.




2021 BSc Honours, Supervisor: Dr Larisa Labzin, The University of Queensland


2021  BSc (Microbiology), The University of Queensland, Australia.



Labzin LI, Chew KY, Eschke K, Wang X, Esposito T, Stocks CJ, Rae J, Patrick R, Mostafavi H, Hill B, Yordanov TE, Holley CL, Emming S, Fritzlar S, Mordant FL, Steinfort DP, Subbarao K, Nefzger CM, Lagendijk AK, Gordon EJ, Parton RG, Short KR, Londrigan SL, Schroder K (2023).
Macrophage ACE2 is necessary for SARS-CoV-2 replication and subsequent cytokine responses that restrict continued virion release. Science Signaling 16(782):eabq1366. Pubmed