Congratulations to Damiën Bierschenk on his PhD submission

This month we farewell Damiën Bierschenk, who leaves the Inflammasome Lab for Sweden after submitting his PhD thesis. We are sad to see Damiën leave, but are so excited for him that his thesis is now submitted and he will soon embark on his new Scandinavian adventure!

Damiën completed his undergraduate studies in The Netherlands, his Masters in Sweden, and moved to Brisbane in 2014. Damiën's PhD studies involved characterising inflammasome signalling in human macrophages during infection. During his time in the Inflammasome Lab Damiën published 3 articles including a first-author review, with more to come in the coming months. He has also co-authored 7 other articles. 

Photos are of Damiën Bierschenk.

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ABOUT Inflammasome Lab

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We seek to unravel the secrets of inflammasomes – protein complexes at the heart of inflammation and disease – to allow for new therapies to fight human diseases.