Congratulations Jo, recipient of IMB’s Unsung Hero Award

Joanna Crawford is a well-deserved winner of IMB's Unsung Hero award, an award celebrating the everyday actions and goodwill that enhance and contribute to a culture of teamwork and collaboration within IMB.


Here is what people are saying about Jo:

Jo is the first one to lend a hand in a catastrophe, and the last one to give up when the going gets tough. If that wasn’t enough, her diverse background in the fields of genomics and now immunology/cell biology have transformed her into the research-equivalent of a human Swiss-army knife. It’s very rare that you find such a skilled person to also be so humble and kind.

In her long-standing IMB career, Jo has graced at least 5 labs with her unwavering positive attitude, teamwork, and compassion.

Jo consistently shows up at IMB everyday in great spirits and makes working here an absolute pleasure.

She is exceptionally helpful and generous with her time, ensures everyone has her support, and goes above and beyond her duties as a research assistant.

She is incredibly friendly and welcoming to everyone and anyone who is at IMB, and is well-renowned throughout the building.

Jo is a joy to work with.


Congratulations Jo - IMB’s second Unsung Hero for 2022!

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