Dear 16-year-old me - Kate Schroder sends an important message... back in time.

"In 2020, there are strong winds of change for women in science and society, and in such an environment primed for change, small actions can have large impact. Be brave and take a stand for women."


Kate writes an honest and heartfelt letter to her 16-year-old self for UQ people - Read here: Dear 16-year-old me: advice from UQ’s Professor Kate Schroder.

"I know you are confident in your abilities but - as a young woman - you are unsure what your place in the world will be. I encourage you to believe in yourself, and back yourself"

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ABOUT Inflammasome Lab

Inflammasome Lab is a group of researchers led by Prof Kate Schroder at the Institute for Molecular Bioscience, The University of Queensland.
We seek to unravel the secrets of inflammasomes – protein complexes at the heart of inflammation and disease – to allow for new therapies to fight human diseases.