Lab celebrates Mark Milner's PhD conferral!

Lab celebrates Mark Milner's PhD conferral!

This week the Inflammasome Lab celebrated the conferral of Mark Milner's thesis titled "Molecular mechanisms of inflammasome-driven Alzheimer's disease".

During Mark's PhD, he published two articles as first author; a beautiful protocol titled "Isolation and culture of pure adult mouse microglia and astrocytes for in vitro characterization and analyses" in STAR Protocols, and a review in Current Opinion in Immunology. Mark is continuing in the lab as a postdoc to bring his research works to publication. Watch this space! 

During his PhD, Mark was heavily involved in the IMB community and was recognised for his service by regularly receiving awards and nominations in the annual IMB Impact Awards; IMB Volunteer of the Year Award 2020 Winner; Service Award 2020 & 2021 Nominee; Innovation Award 2021 Nominee as part of the IMB Mentoring Team.

Congratulations also to Mark's IMB co-supervisors and mentors, Professor Kate Schroder and Dr Sabrina Sofia Burgener. 

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